Art Director


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Russell Neill is a Melbourne-based fashion art director with a passion for crafting intelligent design and beautiful content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

SNR Fashion Art Director at The Reactor Group, Melbourne.

My fundamental design education can be traced back to an early obsession with any engaging image I could get my hands on. That obsession was further explored in-depth whilst completing my BFA, and still fuels my design practice and career today. I'm passionate about creative direction that's contemporary and minimalistic through aesthetic, intelligence and style. 

After being mentored by industry heavy-weight Andrew Henderson in 2014 I decided to pursue a full time role as an emerging fashion/brand art director in the industry. 


  • Specialist Fashion Art Direction Diploma

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts; Design

  • Diploma of Architecture (haha)

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Recent News:

  • Published in Fashion Editorials, Los Angeles, 2017.

  • Published in Stell Magazine, Australia, 2017.

  • Published in Huf Magazine, London, 2017.

  • Completion of Mastered's specialist fashion art direction accelerator program, London, 2017.

  • Published in FIV Magazine, Germany, 2018.

  • Published in Elegant Magazine, Los Angeles, 2018.

  • Monthly Pinterest audience of over 120,000.

  • Published in HAUTE PUNCH Magazine, Montreal, 2019.

  • Published in Fashion Editorials, Los Angeles, 2019.