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BFA Thesis: Mac Miller | Intend/Receive 2012


BFA Thesis Project | Publication 1: The Meaning Intended.

This project was sent to Benjy Grinberg, owner and director of Rostrum Records upon its completion.

A design-thesis experiment that explores the ambiguous nature of Mac Miller’s lyrical expression(s). This experiment was the result of a year-long sustained research project for the final year of my BFA at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design.

Mac Miller – Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza.

The objective of my research practice during the final year of my BFA was to differentiate the meaning of lyrics intended by a singer/songwriter, and the meaning that is understood by the audience. This was evidenced through a linguistic analysis of the artist’s contemporary lyrics  and the subjective responses to those lyrics visually explored through typography, abstract-shape and form.

How can an in depth study of contemporary lyrics as language, and the subjective responses to those lyrics be expressed visually through shape, form and typography?


BFA Thesis Project | Publication 2: The Meaning that is Understood.