Art Director

ELECTRA Editorial | Fashion Editorials | August 2019

ELECTRA was published exclusively in with Fashion Editorials in August, 2019. 

Electra’ pays homage to the quintessential road trip. It embodies adventure, spontaneity and exploration by juxtaposing hints of an old 1962 Buick with a sea-side village full of character and a free–spirited denim feel.

Concept and art direction by Russell Neill and Ryan Gill. Photography by Ryan Gill, retouching by Gabrielle Hughes. Hair and make-up by Shev Kelly. Styling by Milana De Mina. Talent, Zoe Von & Mark Friesen supplied by our friends at GIANT Management, Melbourne.

©RussellNeill2019 ©RyanGill2019 @HellStudios2019